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minimum viable prototype
    new user
      the setup screens should scroll across a window, so that users may easily go back and forth screens in the sequence, for example, see this photo: & this webpage:
        JEDIS (Just Excellence Does It Student); JEDISName: substitute name of student entered in previous screen; Origineering = gamified learning
          default is 3
          native languages
            complete list of languages in ComboBox, if primary language is Japanese or Persian, LMS switches to the new primary language, and accompanying left/right associations; tabluate all results in "Language user data"
              skip this question if Origineer every day was yes
                      scholar intro
                        ScholarName: e.g. Iby Al-Haytham, Socrates, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Shotoku Taishi: different ScholarName for each oPad app: Scholar's ethnicity, nationality, religion & gender are different from the JEDIS's ethnicity, nationality, religion & gender; text in quotes will be spoken aloud by Steven McIntire Allen with background static imitating space flight communication
                        scholar contact
                          ScholarName text in quotes will be spoken aloud by Siri, OriginControl's voice is still Steven McIntire Allen's, Scholar waits for JEDIS to verbally reply "Yes" before proceeding.
                          Origineer every day
                            all Origin app text from now on spoken aloud by Siri, individual apps use own voices, student may respond verbally or by touchscreen
                            number of rest days
                              skip if Origineer every day was yes
                              rest days confirmation
                                skip if Origineer every day was yes; adjust day names as indicated
                                weekly schedule
                                  if selects no: ask number of minutes to study each day, can reorder first day of week
                                  curriculum settings
                                    ScholarName speaks selected text; must select 3 languages: 1 language must be European, 1 Far Eastern, & 1 Middle Eastern: default is English, Japanese, Persian
                                    Culture sub menu
                                      Languages sub menu
                                        default is 50, minimum 15 minutes, maximum 180 minutes: at end of duration, do not stop Origineering, if JEDIS tries to close app before end of duration, pop up indicates amount of time remaining and asks JEDIS to confirm; if JEDIS confirms, app asks for Subscriber confirmation with adult question, e.g. Please enter the following number: 二百三十五.
                                        confirm curriculum
                                          Language user data
                                            note: totals are not accurate, numbers just for illustration
                                            app map Subjects
                                              app map Languages
                                                close initial setup

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