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OT prototype

    JEDIS or Subscriber passcode
      functions w/either of 2 passcodes: subscriber's or JEDIS: if enter subscriber passcode: will go to Subscriber Central, if enter JEDIS's passcode, will go to Auto or self Origineering; all passcodes at least 25 characters with mix of symbols, digits, and upper & lower case alphabet; JEDIS passcodes include characters from all three languages studying; all passcodes must be reset twice a year
      Origineering English
        all JEDIS, oConnectors, Virtual Mediators, e.g. Ibn Al-Haytham: on 1st name basis for wide, low hierarchy
        Languages dashboard English
          By tapping on English LMS cover, JEDIS starts English Origineering. If prefers to select different subject, scrolls through Subject dashboards.
          EN question e.g.
            EN e.g. incorrect
              EN e.g. correct
                audio uses British English pronunciation
                Central login
                  all passcodes at least 25 characters with mix of symbols, digits, and upper & lower case characters from Subscribers language
                  Subscriber Central
                    oMediator invite
                        app map start
                          Guest app map
                            after register credit card & select billing plan, will receive access to full app
                            subscriber passcode
                              Subjects dashboard
                                app map LMS
                                  app map subscriber
                                    External Origineering Sessions schedule
                                      entire data table scrolls similar to date picker to show past, current & future; all columns drag & drop, & sortable by selecting tabs
                                      O+: JEDIS with 1 or more other JEDIS, similar to chat room, but ask each other great questions
                                      Evaluation Sessions: oCentre = ~15 JEDIS; Quark = 3 JEDIS
                                      Open Sessions: 1 JEDIS & 1 oMediator
                                      Quarks: 3 JEDISs at remote venue (not an OriginCentre)
                                      OSM: On-Site Mediator (OriginCentre)
                                      ORM: Origin Remote Mediator
                                      OSM: On-Site Mediator (oCentre)
                                      reserve SOLS
                                        techConnector invite
                                          transConnector invite
                                            €onnector invite
                                              Facilities invite
                                                Curriculum invite
                                                  Subscription invite
                                                    Deposit invite
                                                      oPad Origineering
                                                        Originate takes JEDIS through daily lesson in optimised sequence, other buttons let JEDIS select order
                                                        app map oLibraries
                                                          app map connector
                                                            app map oCloud
                                                              app map Subjects
                                                                app map oLibrary Music
                                                                  Language dashboard JP
                                                                    Culture dashboard Art
                                                                            Culture Music
                                                                                How to Draw
                                                                                    SGN Golf
                                                                                        LMS redirect
                                                                                          Quark study
                                                                                            Toca Tailor
                                                                                              Quark Habitat invite
                                                                                                Gifted Plan explanation
                                                                                                      Quark introduction
                                                                                                        Accounting instructions
                                                                                                          oConnector invite
                                                                                                            JEDIS introduction
                                                                                                              Plan comparison
                                                                                                                Plan prices
                                                                                                                  Sessions explanation
                                                                                                                    OriginCentre schematic

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